Comprehensive Solutions for the Marine Fuel Industry

Istanbul Marin Maritime Fuels Inc. offers high quality marine fuel supply and refueling services with its experienced staff. Istanbul Marin continues to grow with a strong reference network in marine fuel as well as aviation and land fuel, while offering reliable fuel supply to its customers with its team of experts. We meet all the requirements of our industry with marine fuels having different viscosity and sulfur content and with products that comply with international standards. Providing fast and reliable marine fuel supply services in all Turkish ports, as Istanbul Marin Maritime Fuels we use modern and safe equipment and work with a team of experienced and authorized personnel.

Together to International Seas

Providing high-quality marine fuel supply and bunkering services, Istanbul Marin Maritime Fuels Inc. has been established in 2022 with 100% capital of Istanbul Jet Aviation and Fuel Services Inc. Since then, the Company has been conducting its activities with its experienced team and strong reference network, working with the principle of providing fast, high quality and reliable marine fuel to its customers on a local and global scale.

As of 2024, July 04th, Istanbul Marin, which obtained a 15-year ‘License for Bunker Delivery’ from EMRA and added international sales to its field of activity, carries out solution-oriented studies to meet the needs of the sector by supplying marine fuels with different viscosity and sulfur content at international standards.

Istanbul Marin Maritime Fuels sells SCT-exempt diesel fuel to all commercial vessels such as fishing, dry cargo, car & passenger transport vessels sailing in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Marmara and Aegean Regions within the cabotage borders of Turkey, as well as SCT and VAT-exempt marine fuels (diesel fuel, lubricants, distillates and residuals) to foreign vessels with the License of Export Delivery.

Istanbul Marin continues to grow with confident steps by providing added value to maritime transportation with its activities in the maritime sector and to the development and growth of our country’s maritime industry with its high-quality marine fuel supply and supply services.