Istanbul Jet Makes a Strategic Investment in Dalaman Airport

Strategic investments of Istanbul Jet Aviation and Fuel Services Inc. continue at full speed. The construction of the facility at Dalaman Airport, with an investment value of over 4 million Euros, is nearing completion. The premises, which is one of the important steps taken at the international industry of Jet A-1 fuel supply, is set to be opened in the middle of this year.

24/7 Service Support with Istanbul Jet’s International Business Partnerships

With many years of experience in the supply of Jet A-1 fuel, quality and uninterrupted service continues to be provided at Dalaman Airport premises. With this strategic investment, the wide service network is further expanded and the leading position in the sector is strengthened with innovative solutions.

Istanbul Jet Fuel Station Networks Expanding

In addition to the successes in the aviation sector, fuel station management business line also reports growth. By acquiring the BP station in Bahçelievler, Istanbul in 2024, the total number of fuel stations increased to nine and the number of stations we operate within the group increased to 29. With the aim of getting closer to customers and meeting their needs as quickly as possible, we continue to provide better service, thanks to our growing network of fuel stations.

Latest News on the Dalaman Airport Premises

After the construction of the Dalaman Airport premises is completed, Istanbul Jet becomes an even more important supply hub for high quality Jet A-1 fuel. This premises aims to increase operational efficiency by boosting capacity.  We are confident that the services offered at the premises, where the countdown has begun for its opening, will set high standards for the industry.

Future Goals and Objectives

Future goals and objectives include maximizing customer satisfaction and providing innovative solutions. While we continue to grow internationally, the principles of operational excellence are also maintained. With new investments and expanding service network, we aim to provide the highest quality service to customers by reinforcing our leading position in the industry.

The opening of the new premises at Dalaman Airport and the acquisition of the BP station in Bahçelievler, Istanbul are just a few of the important steps towards improving service quality. Working to provide the fastest and highest quality service with a customer-oriented approach and a station network that grows day by day, Istanbul Jet continues its vision of approach paired with innovative solutions.