CTG Elektrik Recevies EPDK License

As Istanbul Jet Aviation and Fuel Services Inc., we continue to make a difference with innovative projects in the sector. CTG Elektrik Inc., established with 100% AVIAVIA capital, has started operating in the field of installing electric vehicle charging units by obtaining a license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).

Starting Points and Installation Areas

Obtaining the EMRA license, CTG Elektrik Inc. will set up charging stations in the first phase in the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Samsun, Eskişehir, and Tokat. The areas where the charging units will be located include fuel stations, large parking lots, residential complexes, ring roads and highway rest facilities, and malls, ensuring easy and fast access for customers.

Station Capacity and Technological Infrastructure

Our initiative, which will initially operate with 50 charging units, was founded with a vision of sustainable transportation. Accordingly, in addition to capacity competence, the charging units that will be featured in our charging stations, which have received full marks in quality control in terms of technological infrastructure, will include 5% high-speed direct current (DC) charging units, with the remainder being alternating current (AC) charging units.

Experienced Staff and Training Programs

CTG Elektrik Inc. has trained  the team for this project through latest technical and market sales directive.The technical training provided aims to ensure the smooth progression of installation and operational processes. At the same time, these training programs enhance our competitive strength in the sector by fostering experienced human resource.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

As Istanbul Jet, this new initiative goes beyond merely providing charging units. Within the company, we facilitate the integration of brands into the electric vehicle charging market by offering white-labeled mobile applications and software platforms. With innovative approaches such as e-mobility software platforms, closed-loop site/residential software platforms, charging point operational management services, and call centers, we aim to make a difference in the electric vehicle charging market. The project created represents a significant step towards establishing sustainability goals. Through these innovations, we also improve the service processes of electric fuel stations.

Investment in the Future

In this project initiated by CTG Elektrik Inc. by obtaining the EPDK license, we aim to make a significant contribution to sustainable transportation solutions. This investment not only offers an environmentally sensitive approach but also provides a fast and reliable charging network for electric vehicle users in collaboration with Istanbul Jet Aviation and Fuel Services Inc.