Istanbul Jet ranks 119th in Capital 500!

Istanbul Jet ranks 119th in Capital 500!

Istanbul Jet, an aviation fuel company based in Istanbul, has improved its position in the aviation industry by further moving up in the Capital 500. The company, which ranked 119th and made its name among the important players in this field, strengthened its claim to leadership in the sector.

A Rising Star on the Capital 500

Istanbul Jet has played a leading role in the transformation in the sector since its establishment. Closely following the technological developments in the aviation industry, Istanbul Jet acts with the vision of providing the safest and highest quality fuel supply service to its customers. This ranking in Capital 500 demonstrates Istanbul Jet’s ability to make use of its competitive advantage in the sector.

This emergence of Istanbul Jet in the national and international arena represents not only its size but also Türkiye’s overall strength in the aviation sector. Istanbul Jet brand provides significant support in the development of Türkiye with its contribution to the economy, employment creation, and achievements in sustainability.

Istanbul Jet’s ranking in the Capital 500 determines not only its present but also its goals for the future. Istanbul Jet plans to make breakthroughs in the coming period with the aim of sustainable growth strategies, investments in technology, and strengthening its leadership in the sector.

The Basis of Istanbul Jet’s Successes

The basis of Istanbul Jet’s success lies in an impressive service approach, a management focused on innovation, and great importance attached to customer satisfaction. Istanbul Jet General Manager Hüseyin Latifoğlu talked about their success and said,

“With its expertise in aviation fuel supply, Istanbul Jet meets the fuel needs of airline companies and ensures operational excellence. Istanbul Jet Aviation meets the fuel needs of airline companies with aviation fuel supply. It competes with many competitors around the world in this business line and generates 80 percent of its total sales revenues in Türkiye and 20 percent abroad. Some of the airlines the company serves include Pegasus, Associated Energy Group, Air Astana, Freebird, Iraqi Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Blue Sky Aviation, Corendon, LOT Polish, Azerbaijan Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Wizz Air Group.”

This success is a reflection of not only Istanbul Jet’s rise, but also Türkiye’s progressive direction in the aviation industry. Increasing Türkiye’s competitiveness in the global market, Istanbul Jet reinforces its success not only with financial figures, but also with customer satisfaction and contributions to the sector.

Continues to be a Pioneer in its Industry

Istanbul Jet, which maintains its leading position in its sector, draws attention with the innovative solutions it offers to meet the fuel needs of commercial passenger aircraft and private jets.

Istanbul Jet, as one of the leading companies in fuel supply in the aviation industry, provides uninterrupted service in line with its vision and missions. It offers its customers 100% trust-based communication and an approach that does not compromise on quality.

A Pioneering Company in Social Responsibility

Istanbul Jet continues its determination to be not only a fuel brand but also a pioneer in charity and social responsibility, with its contributions to Türkiye and the world in the aviation industry. Istanbul Jet, which is largely acclaimed for its social responsibility projects, aims to continue these projects more strongly.

In conclusion, Istanbul Jet’s rise in the Capital 500 shows that the company is an important player in the sector. Istanbul Jet continues to play an important role in the aviation industry with its customer-oriented approach, leadership in the sector, and constantly innovative solutions.