Istanbul Jet Ranked 94th on the Fortune 500 List 

Istanbul Jet Ranked 94th on the Fortune 500 List 

Istanbul Jet Aviation and Fuel Services Inc., one of the leading brands in the aviation industry based in Istanbul, continues to make a name for itself in the global arena. It is ranked 94th on the Fortune 500 list, proving the company’s leadership and impressive success in the industry.

Providing fuel supply to private jets in the aviation industry, Istanbul Jet draws attention with its financial strength, customer satisfaction-oriented services, and sustainability principles. Being ranked in the 94th place on the Fortune 500 list highlights the company’s impact and importance on a global scale.

Istanbul Jet Resounds in Türkiye and Around the World

Istanbul Jet General Manager Hüseyin Latifoğlu talked about their achievements and said, “Istanbul Jet meets the fuel needs of airline companies and provides operational excellence with its expertise in aviation fuel supply.” Being ranked 94th in Fortune magazine, which lists the 500 companies with the highest turnover in Türkiye, is presented as proof that Istanbul Jet is moving in line with its goals and principles.  The General Manager of our company said in his speech:” Istanbul Jet Aviation meets the fuel needs of airline companies with aviation fuel supply. Providing airline companies with fuel packages tailored to their needs, flexible credit limits, and affordable prices, the Company competes with many of its competitors worldwide in this business line and generates 80 percent of its total sales revenues in Türkiye and 20 percent abroad. Some of the airlines the company serves include Pegasus, Associated Energy Group, Air Astana, Freebird, Iraqi Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Blue Sky Aviation, Corendon, LOT Polish, Azerbaijan Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Wizz Air Group.”

Istanbul Jet is known as a company that stands out with its operational success in land and sea fuels as well as aviation fuels, and offers superior quality service and 24/7 instant support in the sector.

This high ranking on the Fortune 500 list once again proves the company’s reliability and expertise in the industry. Customers prefer Istanbul Jet as a reliable business partner because the company adopts the principle of being not only a fuel provider but also a solution partner.

A Worldwide Recognized Brand

Istanbul Jet’s efforts in the field of sustainability are also found noteworthy and it plays a leading role in the sector with its investments in sustainable fuel solutions while minimizing its environmental impact.

This ranking on the Fortune 500 reveals that Istanbul Jet is not only a profit-oriented organization, but also an organization that attaches importance to its environmental responsibilities.

This high ranking of Istanbul Jet represents the strength of the company’s and of Türkiye in the aviation industry. The company aims to improve the prestigious position of our country through its contributions to the Turkish economy and as a strong brand in the international arena.

Sustainability and Innovation

Focusing on its future goals, Istanbul Jet continues to invest in technological innovations and maximize customer satisfaction. This ranking in the Fortune 500, a globally-recognized reference for successful businesses, shapes Istanbul Jet’s future vision and makes it one of the leading brands in the aviation industry worldwide.

Istanbul Jet’s ranking in the 94th place on the Fortune 500 shows that the company is not just a business but also a source of pride in Türkiye’s aviation industry.

The company uses an SAP-based ERP system in its business processes while boosting efficiency by automating certain business processes by robots.

Istanbul Jet determinedly continues to achieve significant success in the future with its efforts in customer satisfaction, sustainability, and industry leadership.